Was dreamgirls on broadway?

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Was Dreamgirls on Broadway first?

Dreamgirls premiered on Broadway at the Imperial Theatre on December 20, 1981, and closed on August 11, 1985, after 1,521 performances.

Is Dreamgirls a real band?

Written by composer Henry Krieger and playwright Tom Eyen, Dreamgirls is said to be a fictional story based on girl groups of the 1960s such as The Supremes, The Shirelles and The Marvelettes - but speculation that it was based on The Supremes and their relationship with Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records has been ...

Who are the real Dreamgirls?

The Supremes were three girls -- Ross, Ballard and Mary Wilson -- who grew up in the projects and originally called themselves the Primettes. Ballard, the group's original lead vocalist, had a rough, grainy and more conventional rhythm and blues voice, as opposed to the light, lithesome sound of Ross' vocals.

Did Eddie Murphy really sing in Dreamgirls?

In Dreamgirls, Eddie Murphy plays James "Thunder" Early, a character who's part James Brown, part Little Richard, and all Eddie Murphy. ... Like the rest of the cast, Eddie does all his own singing in the film, but even he admits that the pop albums he put out in the '80s weren't a good example of what he could do.

Dreamgirls - Original Broadway Production (improved sound & vision)

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Are Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson friends?

Jennifer Hudson and Beyoncé became great friends while filming “Dreamgirls” ... Three years later, the “Spotlight” singer reiterated that she and Beyoncé maintained a close friendship throughout the years.

Is Dreamgirls appropriate for a 12 year old?

One of the Best Movies I Have Ever Seen!

Dreamgirls is about a group of singers called the Dreamettes, whose names are Deena, Lorrell and Effie (the lead). ... There is some shooting in this movie, and some swearing, and some use of drugs, so you may not want kids under 9 to see it.

Who were the three original Supremes?

  • The Supremes were an American female singing group and a premier act of Motown Records during the 1960s. ...
  • Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, Diana Ross, and Betty McGlown, the original group, were all from the Brewster-Douglass public housing project in Detroit.

Who is Effie based on in Dreamgirls?

Jennifer Hudson as Effie White; inspired by Supremes member Florence Ballard, Effie is a talented yet temperamental singer who suffers when Curtis, the man she loves, replaces her as lead singer of the Dreams and his love interest, and later drops her altogether.

Where can I watch Dreamgirls Broadway?

Watch Dreamgirls Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Is Effie White a real person?

JENNIFER HUDSON's Oscar-nominated turn as EFFIE WHITE is loosely based on SUPREMES singer FLORENCE BALLARD's tragic life, but, unlike Effie's film triumph, the real singer was kicked out of the soul trio and never invited back.

Who was Motown's biggest star?

Michael Jackson

Still, Motown was Jackson's launchpad to success and the label's biggest star.

Who was the best singer in the Supremes?

Ballard had been wealthy, famous, feted and considered a better singer than Diana Ross, her fellow Supreme who eclipsed, then dethroned her.

Which one of the Supremes is still alive?

There's Only One Member of the Original Supremes Lineup Still Alive Today. On Feb. 8, 2021 Mary Wilson, one of the founding members of The Supremes, died suddenly. Her publicist, Jay Schwartz, released a statement announcing her death, but didn't immediately reveal her cause of death.

What a one night stand means?

1 : a performance (as of a play or concert) given (as by a traveling group of actors or musicians) only once in each of a series of localities. 2a : a locality used for one-night stands. b : a stopover for a one-night stand. 3 : a sexual encounter limited to a single occasion also : a partner in such an encounter.

Is Wicked ok for a 10 year old?

WICKED the musical is suitable for a general audience, but recommended for children aged 7 years and up. Those below 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Is six the musical suitable for a 10 year old?

It should be fine for a 10 year old. Like others have said there are some more adult references but far less than they probably already see in other media. Tonally it plays well to a younger audience and it is quite a small theatre with a relaxed atmosphere.

What age is Dreamgirls suitable for?

Not recommended under 15 (themes, sex references, drug references, lang.).

How much money is Jennifer Hudson worth?

Hudson tends to keep a low profile in regards to money she earns and purchases she makes. She is said to have a net worth of $30 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What is Jennifer Hudson vocal range?

Jennifer Hudson Full Vocal Range: G#2 - C6 - A6 (Updated) - YouTube.

Did Aretha Franklin want Jennifer Hudson to play her?

Nearly 10 years later, on a day off from her starring role in Broadway's "The Color Purple," Hudson finally received the fateful call from Franklin, who had retained the right to approve casting. She was the chosen one.

Who was the most successful Motown artist?

Diana Ross and The Supremes were the most successful group or artist in Motown's history by at least one measure — their 12 Billboard No. 1 singles.